Friday, July 29, 2011

awesome friday!

just watched Scream 4 and Source Code.
really made my day.
thinking of Scream 4 makes me think of many thingss

Sunday, July 17, 2011


This is what im gonna share out with you guys.
This is what happpen a few days ago.
If you were to invite someone to stay at your house, think before it before inviting them please.
Dont fucking think that because they are depending on your house to stay for a night then you can fucking make total control in the way you want.
Come on la.They are your guests. You would you ever feel when you are staying in people`s house and people treat you like that??
I also lazy wana talk to you face to face about this issue already.
If u saw this post please think of what you had done. Dont have to come to tell me you saw my post.
Even if your guest is rude to you, think what you have just done.
What makes them angry?
Coming from ipoh just to see your fucked face???
If you dont like what we planned or doing, then just fuck off lo.
So easy. Go those places you wanted alone lo.
You dont wana shop also can pui people shop one ma.
You staying in KL la.
You wana go which part of KL also can la.
The way you talk to people really makes you the worst guy i ever meet.
Even those worst ever changed.
But why cant you? its been so long already. i wonder when will you.seriously.