Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Made Up My Mind

Thanks bro..LOL

Its june!

It's 12am and it's June! Brand new start for everyone in a new month. Cheers for a better start! :)
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I planned many stuff for June actually. Argh. Its now a brand new life for me. Thanks for reminding meng hoi

Road Not Taken

i chose A .
Even after getting warning from friends.
I broke my boundary. My faith. My promise.
Still i chose A.
Get my hair wet.
Bang my head into it.
Might have thought that just happy going with her.
A companion. A friend. Just need a close one to go through form6 life.
I accepted her love. Thought love is simple.
Accepting .Thought that im her type.
Try to love her. Impressed of her abilities. Her strength. Her maturity. Her LOVE to me.
Its all fake. Sudden affection is the best word for it.
Learn about this word just the day i accepted her. Gave her a chance to explain.
I accepted. With surrounding telling me its sudden affection.
Friends getting hurt. Rumors telling she is not a good girl. Being awkward by accepting a girl that was my best friend hunt.
Still. I bang my head into her.Only believing her words. A stranger. I only knew for 2 months.
If i just didnt hug her. Kiss her. All these would not have happen.
Two months later. Get bored. Telling me that she dont know what is with our relationship.
Only thinking of what other people would look at us. Think of us. Reputation.
Really so important? Didnt get know where was wrong. Keep thinking. Cant get the answer.
What? What if answers came? Still the same. Felt so lost. I dont need a friend to pity me.
And she made my life miserable. I dont need friends any more. Not now. Only a friend to help me in studies. I dont need a friend like Vincent. Cause i never took his advice.
Now regretted. Its all too late. Im sorry Vincent.
I thought of i need a evil type girlfriend. Didnt know it would be so hurtful. But without her. I wil never know that evil type is not my type. Thank God.

i knew it

i knew it but i still bang my head into it

the worst thing a girl would say to a guy

Aih, i really dont know. i dont want things to be awkward.

the only thing i remember of you are these words..

stop viewing my blog please

stop viewing my blog as if u even really care.
get your own life please.

Monday, May 30, 2011

broke up

12th May-she told me she pick me not her
15th May-was the last time she willingly called me baby
30th May-broke up.

15 days of getting bored. now she tell me after reading my blog.what a life
fell in love with the wrong person.totally suck.

i really beh tahan

cant stand it any longer...
i try to sleep and i cant.
on my computer just to write this crap out.
i dont think i can sleep if i dont write this out btw.

i dont know if im just fucking ugly or what.
she gave me a moody face everytime she saw me.u may say its me overthinking.but its not.everyday in tuition she look at her friend even other guys she will at least smile.but when she meet me she acted cool.i try not to be excited when i see her.because it breaks my heart seeing her treating me like nobody.fine.may be shes just tired or whatever.but the problem is she can stil talk with her friends till so high.and im not jealous because she talks to them kay.the problem is why there is so many stuff i dont even know and she temp to tell her friends first.ok..may be girls talk la.guys wont understand.
fine.my mistake then.what about smsing? cant she tell me anything? i know shes busy.but when she can share time telling stuff to friends y not even try texting me telling me stuff? fine.shes just lazy to sms.then dont sms then.i know texting can be bored.but she still wana text.i dont think shes happy with texting btw.she didnt even brought up topic for us to talk about.its always me who thinks.now damn fucked up.i hate this feeling where i dont know where is our relationship is bringing us to.i dont know if shes gona see this or not.i reli wanted to tell her tat i try to care bout us but i just dont have the guts to send her this msg.im afraid we will end up just like this.anyway, if she wana end up its also destiny.may be shes just not my type.......



i seriously dont know where those problem came from...
iziz me or her???

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


feel like writing today.
after maths tuition pan jian and me went to tuck kee to have dinner!
til now so full ! ^^

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

its Wednesday

lol...so long didnt write blog.
nothing special today...after school went library to study.
Then went back home.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

visit DMS

went back to DMS today.
give har face to mr chin and mr john.LOL
if not like nvr go visit them like vr sui gem.

Friday, May 13, 2011

13th may2011

JPA result was finally out.
saw so many post about it.
i felt happy for them at first.
but out of a sudden, i felt emo.
i was so scare of not having a close friend in my own class.
no one could share homwork with me.
i knew that Pan couldnt be with me all the time.
but somehow, guess what?
Kar Fu rejected the offer gave by JPA!
hehe! he can lead me to good result! my sifu since form 1?lol

Thursday, May 12, 2011


my new class...
im the monitor. congrats me.!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Third day.

she texted her more than she texted me. great!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Second day in school.

After school, we went to Kopitiam to take our lunch.
Pan and me left early to find our tuition centre.
After registering, we went to fetch Jen Hao.
We had a sudden change of plan today.
Suddenly took Maths at 4,30.
Maths was hard. But Pans face was so optimistic.
Unlike guys.The first thing they will say when they saw it is like.WTH? die la.
Pans different. Shes brilliant! Hope she doesnt sees this. Praise her too much not good.
Btw, im struggling already to cope up. Let the journey starts now!

Monday, May 9, 2011

First Day In School

I woke up 1.18 am just to write this diary.

Today orientation was hell. Puan Lim caught my hair. dont know for what.
The hall was hot. Everybody sweating. Dont wana on the air con wo.
Ah fong came to school jau emo. Cause Puan Lim caught him too.
But in the end of the day, i stil felt happy. May be because of Pan. Every time i see her she turned my day on. After school we went to Mcd. Ate Big Mac. We saw Ashley Tay and Pan`s ex.
When im back home. Im exhausted and i slept for 3 hours.

Well that`s my day! I hope tomorrow will be better. Of cause it will be better. Pan`s always there for me.LOL

Thursday, May 5, 2011

woke up in the afternoon.

i had a dream!

Its yen fong and yean hua`s birthday. LOL.
Dont ask me why they celebrate together.
We are in dont know whose house at that time.
Then the next morning we planned to go Merdeka Hill...LOL
Its at menglembu. BULL SHITING again.
The hill is like the Grand Canyon.

dont ask me how or why.LOL

Then we took a shorter way.We have to cross the bridge.
Meng hoi went first and caught by a King Kong!
haha! The king kong dissapear.
So, we tried to save him.
We went down the cliff and found a house.
We went there to chat!
lol....Then the king kong found us.
We keep hide inside the house.
And out of no where theres a buddha statue in the room.
I keep pray so that we are save.
The king kong then transform to ah soon.
The dragon one guy.LOL
meng hoi dunu go whr.
And the last thing i remember was to hug buddihism instead of christianity.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


wing tim yau come late.
say 7 for dinner.
7.15 onli reach my house.
lol..anyway.went 2+1 for dinner with jien ngew jian ts n wt
eat damn full!
meet vincent at metro after that!


yesterday gt work...what happen is Joe and ah Soon fight in the restaurant..
fight for rm50...LOL

the way ah Soon shout reminds me of my self.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

happy labour day

working for today.LOL
freaking tired.
went to metro after work.
mum slept.