Monday, February 27, 2012

the road nt taken

felt so sad again.
Was viewing some pictures and was wondering that what if i was there...what if what if...
damn never satisfied with the life i have...
i always wanted to try everything out in my life.
always so greedy.
safe me!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Desa Water Fark

its 11 oclock in the morning.
Nicky woke me up telling me there is a call for me.
Dave invited me to go Desa waterpark.
I said yes and got rdy.
I dragged Tay to go with me too.
Rm24 for entry and the park is smaller than Lost world or Tambun.
It totally does sucks but we enjoyed it to the max.
What we do much is swimming.
And we tried the LOngest Thunderbolt in Asia.

Thats what they advertised. Not JOking.
After swimming we were so hungry . We went to Mid Valley to have lunch.
After lunch we went for Save House. Awesome movie

After movie, we head to Steven`s Corner.
Awesome mamak. Wana try out all the food there!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


msg come in.

Tay. happy buhday!

LOL...okay..first one..

msg comes again.

Tay. got kena gang bang?? i tell anyone..

The next thing was i was called up by dave and got splash all over...had to pull my pants up...zzzz
We played too crazy and got scolded by a Arabian..I wana sleep u know? i wana sleep..LOL

Friday, February 10, 2012


just tried one of this today.
with jessica, tay ,shikin and aqila.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Early birthday celebration with cindy.

went jj with cindy and had our breakfast at sushi king.
Watch chronicles.
Awesome movie..But kinda dizzy..cause its a recording typo movie..just like paranormal activity..

Before emo again..reason..dont wana go KL..

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

i have died everyday waiting for you.

heart and trumps.... argh....this song just reminded me that im still single and waiting for the right one...

Btw, why people always think that they are the only one that bring joy???
Why at the same times, they blame themself for bringing sadness too??
If you bring joy doesnt mean that you have to keep thinking of it.
You are not the only one that was created to bring joy for others.
Change our mind set.
You are not only entertaining others. At the same time you didnt realise that you are happy.

U bring sadness too??? so now u are sad. sad to others and to your self.

Human cnt change in a day. Takes time. Change a little by little. Dont leap a big step.
Leap like Slark not Mirana.

Stop topic. Tv3 now.

I believe i will find you. You wait!

Voucher rm200

tay and me went to wangsa walk with jessica , kila and shikin.
lol...kena tumpang...
went there to watch Underworld..
creepy movie indeed

after movie...we went to popular to spend our voucher..
bought speaker , headphones, laptop skin, fan cooler, pens, liquid paper, bottles and also a book.
LOL...thks to our PM. terimakasibnyakbnyak