Saturday, August 10, 2013

Beauty, Smart and Heart?

I would like to express what kind of girls I would like to live since it is raining cats and dog in this lovely morning. Yes. I haven't slept yet.

I admit that before smartness, she will need to have beauty, Because without beauty, I wouldn't have notice. But she would have to be that pretty. She just have to be the one that you can see without getting bored.

The way i made that first statement doesn't mean beauty comes first. Smartness is my priority. I would like to have a girl that is unique in the way her think and the way the act. So special in a way that i could admire her. Special in a way that when people ask me what is so special that i could actually answer them. I wouldn't mind if she is smarter than me. I think i could handle smartness.

But smartness comes with a price. Smart girls tend to have less heart. May be in my preferences. I would mind if she is less caring to others, but she just have to care for me. But heart also meant that i would need more effort to make sure that I'm the one. But with more effort also meant that she would like to have more personal time which is hard for me to handle.  Well, choosing less heart also meant it's hard to convince her that I'm the one for her but it's easy to convince her that she is the one for me. LOL