Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jeffrey quotes

Life is like taking pictures. People tend to take nice pictures and delete ugly ones. Upload new pictures and tend to forget bout the old ones. When time passes ,they tend to delete the old ones because you cant accept them anymore. Im totally different. I tend to keep each and everyone of them although my memory space is going to be full. As long as im still able to keep. I will keep it. Pictures to me aint just pictures. They live in my past. When i see back ugly pictures, i see what i have just beat. An ugly obstacle. Nice pictures reminds me that im still capable of doing it. Share this to 5 of your friends to remind them that you still keep their ugly faces in your phone.

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 The End of The World

1st Jan

Had a blast celebrating new year.
We all had bbq party in my house
First time had so many guest in my house. 20 + i guess.
We made an early surprise birthday for Vivian Cheah too.
Happy buhday vivian! LOL
After countdown we played water outside.
When everybody went back, we went to Cofeee Bean .
Played dota till 6. Went to Nasmir till 7.30.
Slept at 9.LOL

2Nd Jan

4oclock breakfast at stadium.
Wing tim joined us.
then go bbq in my house again to finish up the food.LOL.
Watched Sherlock HOmes in jj .
Then yum char at metro till 1.

3rd Jan

came back to KL.
vincent drove.
went to hostel sleep.
wake up BBq again. DIU..haha