Wednesday, October 17, 2012


So, tonight was the night we planned since weeks ago.
Clubbing after the ezam week.
At 10 sharp we head to Virtigo at The Gardens.
Apparently no people was inside although its Ladies night.
So, we headed to Mist and Milk.
Sadly, its was also quite empty. Maybe because of the rain.
So we headed to Sultan Ismail road.
Theiban suggested it cause he told us that today was happening there.
We headed to a club VR1. We paid
And got trolled. Its also almost empty.
So we decided to drink finish d Chivas and head to another club opposite which is Water.
HAHAHAHA...but when its almost 1, theres alot of people.
We danced like mad ass. And got to pick up some girls..hahahahaha!! ok...not gona eleborate more on that.
Vr1 is mostly malays and indians. No chinese. I think im the only chinese there. HAHAHA.
But its also the best club i ever been. Because everyone is friendly there.
The sound system was not bad. U can feel your soul dancing with you.
Though its not that high class. i can rate it as the best night.
See ya! ^^

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Clubbing fewer.

from now onwards, im gona list the best clubbing spot in malaysia.