Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I just had an argument with my mom just now.
I felt so bad as i just arrived Ipoh and had this in the car.
I finally realised that that every parents have their own way and that was my parents way.
My mom are those that only had family for her life.
Family is always first and the last.
Well, i could not have more disagree with her.
It`s just that she cared too much for me, studies , health, financially and also my security.
As for me , i always wanted to prove to my parents that they have raised me well and now m 19 and im able to take responsibility of my financial and my studies.
My mom just got unreasonable just now. She was dragging till i felt so bad.
She dont know if she misunderstood me or whatsoever, I tried to tell her that i just want to be responsible for what i did but she told me that have you imagine when one day that no one will ever care for you that you felt that you was lacking one.
Those sentences tore my heart apart. Even writing them now is suffocating.
I knew that i had wrong by the way i talked just now but you were wrong too.
Sometimes, i just could held on to my anger as you literally hurt me by the way you talked.
Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I will always be a good boy in your eyes and be a successful person in life that you will never regret on giving birth to me.
This is your son. This is jeffrey. Trust me.