Thursday, June 14, 2012

I really adore people that is into religion that is always good at managing their life but i adore more that is good at managing life without saying the word `God` as their daily life.
Sometimes, its really annoying that the only thing they can advise people or comfort people is by using the word `His Will`.
Well, what im trying to say is that we are friends. You are talking to a human. Why cant you talk back to me like a human instead of saying that `He is just testing you`. 
Zzzz....Its like talking to a small kid that Mummy is good. Follow my steps.
Hell. Well, if mummy is good, he will realise it and follow her foot steps.
Yeah. I think you dont get what im saying.

For example: If you are representing a religion that doesnt mean that you have to tell everybody that you are representing that religion while doing your stuff or what so ever.

If you are really that great, people will come to you eventually and ask you. So you are that religion? Thats what makes you proud saying it than telling the whole street that you that what what what.

Here is a real story. A professor from canada is rich. Had had lots of money. House. Car. Family. But he is missing something. Happiness through his soul. He did research on plenty of religion and end up as one of them. He says that looking through the community of that religion really didnt attract him at all. He says if he lives within that community , he would never fall for it. However , he is from canada and was attracted to it.

Moral of the story was. Stop saying any sentence that is related to him. Stop saying doesnt mean that you stop loving or stop caring. It just makes you be a better and stronger from the inside. God still sees you. Stop being an attention seeker.

Monday, June 11, 2012

hey . Its been a while since i last blogged.
Its been 3 months i guess.
Been busy working for the pass 2 months in Sub Zero.

Lets see what i still remember.
Yeah. I was the first one to come back from KL and immediately got a job next day.
So my work schedule is kinda crazy. 6days full which is 10-10 everyday except weekends will be 10-1030.
And i have to be 15 mins early b4 work everyday which means i have to wake up at 9 .15 everyday.
1 day off that would be saturday. To be honest even a guy like me cant take it.
May be because guys like me.LOL

This is why. Everyday after work i would straight go back and take my bath and that would already been 1045. Then i would take my supper in front of the computer checking my facebook account.
By the time i finish facebooking it will be 11.30. Thats just where the night just started.
I will just dota till 3 and then just sleep. That routine will continue for continuous 5 days till saturday.
And saturday will b the day to have all my activities held in a day.

This is what i could remember with all the Saturdays i did during my sem break.
Buying a guitar which cost me rm300+ which i pay using my previous salary.
Watching Battleship, Avengens , Dark Shadow, Madagasgar3, Piranha 3DD and.....zzz...i seriously cant remember.
I just remember spending all those time with NIcole.
yeah. we even did stupid stuff in her house.

And most important of all. the 2 months of suffering i bought a Nikon DSLR with d 2 months salary.
My mum paid it first. So i still owed her with 1 month salary.

Luckily, after that 2 months my family and I spend our time in Cambodia.
Not a really Romantic place to visit.
But still can be considered as a place to visit.Well, Wonders of the world they say.

Besides  that, working and playing that hardcore got me older like a year.
Thats why i have been sleeping so much in KL now.
I love this life. Getting enough sleep is the most important one.
Second would be study of course.LOL

What could i say. I totally blended in to the life style here already.
I wonder how would it be in Johor.
I guess its time to stop blogging.LOL.
See you next time jeffrey!