Monday, June 11, 2012

hey . Its been a while since i last blogged.
Its been 3 months i guess.
Been busy working for the pass 2 months in Sub Zero.

Lets see what i still remember.
Yeah. I was the first one to come back from KL and immediately got a job next day.
So my work schedule is kinda crazy. 6days full which is 10-10 everyday except weekends will be 10-1030.
And i have to be 15 mins early b4 work everyday which means i have to wake up at 9 .15 everyday.
1 day off that would be saturday. To be honest even a guy like me cant take it.
May be because guys like me.LOL

This is why. Everyday after work i would straight go back and take my bath and that would already been 1045. Then i would take my supper in front of the computer checking my facebook account.
By the time i finish facebooking it will be 11.30. Thats just where the night just started.
I will just dota till 3 and then just sleep. That routine will continue for continuous 5 days till saturday.
And saturday will b the day to have all my activities held in a day.

This is what i could remember with all the Saturdays i did during my sem break.
Buying a guitar which cost me rm300+ which i pay using my previous salary.
Watching Battleship, Avengens , Dark Shadow, Madagasgar3, Piranha 3DD and.....zzz...i seriously cant remember.
I just remember spending all those time with NIcole.
yeah. we even did stupid stuff in her house.

And most important of all. the 2 months of suffering i bought a Nikon DSLR with d 2 months salary.
My mum paid it first. So i still owed her with 1 month salary.

Luckily, after that 2 months my family and I spend our time in Cambodia.
Not a really Romantic place to visit.
But still can be considered as a place to visit.Well, Wonders of the world they say.

Besides  that, working and playing that hardcore got me older like a year.
Thats why i have been sleeping so much in KL now.
I love this life. Getting enough sleep is the most important one.
Second would be study of course.LOL

What could i say. I totally blended in to the life style here already.
I wonder how would it be in Johor.
I guess its time to stop blogging.LOL.
See you next time jeffrey!

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